About Shelley

Hi there! I’d like to introduce myself!

My name is Shelley! I am the owner and creator at The Peasant’s Heir.


I am a lover of many things and fantasy is one of my favorites! I love getting lost in a fantasy novel or movie! Several years ago, I went to my first Renaissance Festival. I fell in love right away! I was already crazy about Steampunk so I felt like I found my home! The experience and atmosphere is what has inspired The Peasant’s Heir.

I aim to make jewelry that I myself would love to wear! Some of my favorite pieces to work with are keys and gears. Anything that is a symbol of love, hope, life and makes you feel beautiful! I know how important it is to feel special and unique. What better way to express yourself than wearing art that reminds you of your dreams!

Aside from making jewelry or going to Renaissance Festivals, I am often spending time with my first love and our amazing son! We also have 2 silly pups that love attention!

I am just an average girl who will always feel like a kid. Who is always on a diet.. (lol) Who never wants to let go of her dreams. <3 Come share yours with me.